Presentations & White Papers

Fontana Staff have given presentations and seminars to dealer groups, attorney groups, accountants and others. We have presented at the NADA annual convention, the NADC semi-annual conferences, as well as to many other groups. We also have authored white papers on Customer Satisfaction and Retail Sales Effectiveness.


Dealer Management Relations
Interpretation of Registration Data
Dealing with Dealer-Manufacturer Conflicts
Demographic Factors and the Retail Automobile Industry
How to Evaluate a Store’s True Market Potential
Key Considerations in Working Effectively with an Expert
Dissecting the USAI Witness
Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
Defending Against Forced Termination
Damage Models-Using the Profit Contribution Approach
How Dealers Can Protect Themselves
Navigating the Post-Slump Environment
Factory Relations: Strategies for Difficult Issues
The Road Ahead: Satisfying your Customers and the Factory
Manufacturer Performance Standards: A Statistical Analysis
Sales Performance Standards
Sales Expectations vs Sales Expectations

White Papers

Customer Satisfaction
Retail Sales Effectiveness